Sillustani – City Tour – Uros – Taquile – Chucuito – Juli – Pomata: 4 Days / 3 Nights

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In this program, we´ll visit Sillustani´s Pre-Incan Tombs and their beautiful landscapes. Then, we´ll visit Taquile and two of the Uros Islands which are part of a total of 30 floating islands made of totora; an aquatic plant. During the circuit, we´ll observe Lake Titicaca´s National Reserve, with its bluish waters, as well as the flora and fauna of that high Andean region. We´ll also get to know the town of Chucuito, visiting the Inkauyo or Temple to Fertility. Then, we´ll get to Juli; called "America´s Little Rome" for its four colonial churches in "churrigueresco" baroque style, with their beautiful paintings from the Cusquenian School of Art. Afterwards, we´ll go on our way to get to Pomata; also called "the Highlands´ Philosophical Balcony". There, we´ll visit the church with its paintings from the Cusquenian School of Art. Through time, Pomata maintains the provincial features of a small highlands´ town.



SillustaniTransfer from the airport or hotel to Sillustani´s Pre-Incan Cemetery, enjoying beautiful landscapes and the view over Lake Umayo. We´ll visit the great "Chullpas" which are tombs in the shape of circular base towers. This is a route for those who only spend one day in the city of Puno and who wish to go on that visit on the way to or from the airport, upon arrival or before their flight out.

Transfer to your hotel. Then, we´ll start the City Tour by the city´s historical center: The Main Square, the City Hall, the Palace of Justice and the Count of Lemus´ House, with its great historical contents. Afterwards, we´ll visit the Vantage Points of Puma Uta and Kuntur Wasi, from which we´ll contemplate the city of Puno and Lake Titicaca. We´ll also pass by the Deustua Archway built by the Spanish, we´ll visit the Yaraví (boat) converted into a museum and finally, the Marine´s Museum. Overnight.


UrosTransfer from your hotel to the port, to go to the Uros Islands, as we´ll appreciate the view over the whole Lake Titicaca´s National Reserve and observe the flora and fauna. We´ll only visit two of the 30 floating islands made of totora; an aquatic plant. Afterwards, we´ll set off to Taquile Island, where we´ll walk to the top of the island to get to know a bit more about ancient Peru´s best weavers and about the authentic Incan community that lives there. Then, we´ll have lunch on that island and in the afternoon, we´ll head back to Puno, observing the lake with its bluish waters, its beautiful landscapes, flora, fauna and its inhabitants´ customs. Arrival in Puno and overnight.


TaquileTransfer from your hotel to Chucuito; called "City of the Royal Houses", where we´ll visit the Inkauyo or Temple to Fertility. Afterwards, we´ll get to Juli; called "America´s Little Rome", where we´ll visit the four churches in "churrigueresco" baroque style: San Pedro (Saint Peter), San Juan de Letrán (Saint John of Letrán), Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) and Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Our Lady of Assumption); a church built by the Dominicans and Jesuits, in which we´ll observe paintings of the Cusquenian School of Art. Juli was converted into the center of evangelization in the high plains´ region. Besides, in the past, it was made capital of the Lupakas. One of Juli´s surrounding mountains has the shape of a resting lion. In colonial times, the first printing shop was situated there and printed the first Spanish - Aymara dictionary. Lunch. Then, we´ll get to Pomata; called "the Highlands´ Philosophical Balcony". We´ll visit its colonial church of San Santiago Apóstol (Saint James Apostle), considered as one of South America´s most beautiful works and its paintings from the Cusquenian School of Art. Finally, we´ll go back to the city of Puno to spend the night.


Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport and or to the bus station.


  • Mapa Lago Titicaca Transfers and transportation
  • Official tourist guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch in Taquile and Juli
  • Motorized boat Puno - islands - Puno.


  • Lodging facilities 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th day
  • Lunch 1st and 4th day
  • Dinner 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th day.


  • Photo and / or video camera with spare film and batteries
  • Trekking shoes
  • Light and warm clothes
  • Personal care kit
  • Binoculars
  • Water for the first trekking day
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Passport and valid student ID (not over 25 years of age).
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