Manu (Cultural Area): Cusco – Paucartambo – Pilcopata – Atalaya: 6 Days / 5 Nights

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This is an exclusive Inka´s Travel Services´ expedition. It´s another very different way to get to the Manu´s Cultural Area, as the Manu National Park is the largest natural reserve and the only intangible and unalterable one in the South American geotropics.

The Manu´s Biosphere Reserve contains a wide extension of virgin jungle with the greatest biodiversity on Earth. We´ll start our journey in Cusco and passing by Paucartambo, we´ll visit archaeological complexes and the Eastern slopes of the Andes, to then enter the mysterious cloud forest and finally, the jungle´s edge area.

This natural reserve shelters one of the planet´s most important wild lands. It´s a refuge for many endangered animal species, such as the jaguar, black caïman, giant otter, arpía eagle and others. The Manu is a famous natural park for the opportunity it still offers to observe the Amazonian jungle´s flora and fauna, in their original habitat.

Therefore, we invite you to visit Peru, so that you might fill your heart with the memory of this wonderful experience in the Manu´s Biosphere Reserve and National Park. 



Entrada a ManuArrival in Cusco, reception and transfer to your hotel. Free day to get acclimated. Overnight in your selected hotel.


Very early in the morning, we´ll travel by bus to Paucartambo. On the way, we´ll visit the Chullpas (funerary “bundles” in circular cut stone towers) of Ninamarca. Afterwards, we´ll go on to the area of Tres Cruces de Oro (Ajanacu´s natural vantage point), to contemplate the spectacular sunrise over the jungle. Then, we´ll descend through the mysterious cloud forest, full of orchids, “heliconias” and primitive ferns. If circumstances allow, we´ll have the opportunity to observe the Cock of the Rocks´ nuptial dance (Peru´s National Bitd), in its mating ritual, the spectacled bear, the “trogones”, the Amazonian umbrella bird and many other animals. Later on, we´ll go on our way to Pilcopata, where we´ll spend the night at a pension.


Bote en ManuWe´ll depart very early towards the Atalaya area, where we´ll start to descend the Alto Madre de Dios River on a motorized river boat or canoe (barge) to Shipetiari; a native community of the Matsiguenkas, where we´ll stay at one of the natives´lodges.


Very early in the morning, we´ll explore the area observing “guacamayos” (aras), a collpa (clay lick or clay feeding place for birds) of green paroqueets, a great diversity of birds, mammals, as well as flora and especially orchids, bromeliads, ferns, etc. Afterwards, we´ll spend some time cohabitating with Matsiguenkas, as we´ll share their customs, ways of life, food preparation, such as the fermented manioc “chicha” or Masato and more. Tonight, we´ll stay at an authentic native lodge.


Guacamayos en ManuAfter that wonderful experience, we´ll head back, observing on the way the area´s attractions, as well as the local flora and fauna, to then take the bus to Cusco. Transfer to your hotel and rest.


Breakfast at your hotel and transfer to the airport or bus station and end of our services.


  • Transfers and transportation: By land and waterways
  • Safety gear
  • Bilingual and specialized professional guide: English – Spanish
  • Full meals, snacks and mineral water; During the exploration
  • Overnight stays: At pensions and lodges
  • Radio communication equipment: During the exploration
  • First aid set
  • Cook and assistant
  • Commodities: Tables, chairs, etc.
  • Lodging accomodations in Cusco.


  • Breakfast on the 1st day
  • Dinner on the 1st, 5th and 6th day
  • Lunch on the 1st, 5th and 6th day
  • Sleeping bag.


  • Personal care kit
  • Sufficient changes of clothes: Light and warm
  • Photo and / or video camera with spare batteries and film
  • Sun blocking lotion and insect repellent
  • Hat and / or cap
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Plastic poncho
  • Passport
  • Valid student ID (Not over 25 years of age)
  • Water for the first day
  • Water purifying tablets
  • Shots against: Yellow Fever, Malaria and Tetanus.
Price: $310.00


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