Cusco Fantástic 6 Días / 5 Noches: City Tour-Sacred Valley Of The Incas - Inca Trail 4 Days / 3 Nights

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In this program, you´ll be able to appreciate the Incan architecture, in several archaeological compounds, like the Qorikancha, Saqsayhuamán, Q´enqo, Pukapukara, Tambomachay, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero, passing by different communities, several of which still maintain typical customs and ways of life of the region, as much in terms of economic activity, such as agriculture and shepherding as of clothing and other aspects that stand out as a part of the Andean culture´s patrimony. Finally, you´ll reach the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu which is an extraordinary masterpiece of Incan architecture. This circuit is full of natural attractions which offer the visitor a unique sensation of adventure, in direct contact with nature. You´ll also live a wonderful and unforgettable experience from departure all the way to the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. During the hike, we´ll pass by several archaeological complexes of great importance given the features of their architectural structures, dating back to the Incan Empire´s period. In addition, we´ll feel changes in the climate and will observe the diversity of the exotic flora and fauna. All the Inca´s trails lead to the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu which is an exceptional jewel of the Incan architecture. Performing the Inca Trail is an unforgettable experience in contact with nature and Machu Picchu is considered as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, as well as one of the world´s wonders.



QoricanchaArrival in Cusco, reception and transfer to your hotel. At noon, transfer to a restaurant in the city center (Lunch included). In the afternoon, we´ll start our tour with the visit of the great archaeological monument of the Qorikancha (Qori = Gold and Kancha = Enclosure, also known as Temple of the Sun) and that of Cusco´s Cathedral, built on top of the foundations of the Inca Wiracocha´s great palace and the Incas´ Sacred Lagoon, in Haukaypata (Main Square). Then, we´ll head towards Saqsayhuamán (Saqsay = Satisfied and Huamán = Falcon, also known as The Sun´s Royal House). Within this great complex, there are other archaeological compounds like Q´enqo; an astronomical observation center and temple dedicated to Mother Earth or Pachamama (Pacha = World and Mama = Mother), Pukapukara; a military, administrative and watch center which controlled the Incan Trail and finally, Tambomachay known as the Water´s Temple or Inca´s Baths and which was a center of worship to water. Then, return to your hotel, dinner and rest for the night.


PisacWe´ll go by bus from your hotel to Pisaq; a strategic vantage point with a view over the village of Taray, over the snow-capped mountain La Verónica and the Incas´ Sacred Valley. Afterwards, we´ll go on towards Ollantaytambo, passing by Calca and Urubamba (individual lunch). In the afternoon, we´ll visit Ollantaytambo´s archaeological complex which served as an astronomical observatory and a fortress for the Incas. Then, we´ll return to Cusco, visiting on our way, the village of Chinchero (Rainbow Village), which was an agricultural center in Incan times. In Cusco, transfer to your hotel.


Camino IncaTransfer from your hotel to Km. 82 of the railroad (Piscacucho), where we´ll start our hike. During the next four days, our adventure will make us live many unforgettable experiences, in touch with nature. On the way, we´ll also visit several important archaeological complexes like Warmiwañuscca, Runkuraqay, Sayacmarca, Puyupatamarca, Wiñaywayna, Inti Punku and finally, on the sixth day, we´ll go on a group guided visit of Machu Picchu; considered as one of the world´s wonders. That day, we´ll have individual lunch in Aguas Calientes and in the afternoon, we´ll return by train to the city of Cusco. Transfer to your hotel.


MachupicchuBreakfast at your hotel and transfer to the airport or bus station and end of our services.


  • Transfers and transportation
  • Bus: Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes
  • Train: Aguas Calientes - Ollanta
  • Professional guide: English
  • Support staff
  • Cook and assistant
  • Meals from 3st 4to 5th and breakfast 6th day
  • Entrance tickets: Places to visit not included in the B.T.G.
  • Complete camping gear
  • Complete first aid gear
  • Safety storage room: Luggage and valuables
  • Lodging facilities with breakfast in Cusco (Hostel 3*)


  • Breakfast on the 1st day
  • Dinners and Lunch on the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th day
  • Sleeping bag
  • Extra support staff: Personal porter


IMPORTANT: Reserve this program with between 365 and 90 days of anticipation and / or according to reservation space availability.

  • Personal care kit
  • Sufficient changes of light and warm clothes
  • Photo and / or video camera with spare film and batteries
  • Sun blocking lotionand insect repellent
  • Hat or cap
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Plastic poncho
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
  • Passport
  • Valid student Id (Not over 25 years of age)
  • Water to drink on the first day of the trek
  • Water purifying tablets.
Price: $435.00


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