Conditions of Reservation


Conditions of payment and reservation of the travel agency "INKA'S TRAVEL SERVICES E.I.R.L."

  1. Reservation Possibilities

    E-Mail:, (with Online MSN Messenger Service),

    Phone and Fax: (+51 84) 27 01 19

    Post-courier: Nora I. Gutiérrez Palomino Urb. Los Nogales N-14 (2 cuadras del Aeropuerto) San Sebastián Cusco (Perú) Sudamérica

  2. Prices

    All showed prices of our offered services are expressed in U.S.-Dollars. No commissions possible. Price adjustments due to national-political reasons are possible

  3. Validity of the Prices

    Our prices are valid until 30th of December 2006. Price adjustments due to national-political reasons are possible

  4. Conditions of Reservation

    The reservation must be confirmed and payed until at least 45 days (LOW SEASON: November to April) respectively 90 days (HIGH SEASON: May to October) in advance and with the transference of the 50% of the TOTAL AMOUNT POR PASSENGER. The rest 50% must be paid 30 DAYS BEFORE THE BEGINN OF THE TRAVEL. After the 30 DAYS LIMIT, the reservation will be cancelled and the amount of the prepaid 50% will stay with us.

    1. Conditions of Reservation for the traditional Inka Trails

      Km. 104: 2 days/1 night, Km. 82: 4 days/3 nights: for this two mentioned Inka Trails, the reservation (in accordance with the issued law of the national and political Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo MINCETUR) must be made 365 calender days (1 year) in advance and with the needed attached files filled out

    2. Discounts

      Discounts are only for students (younger than 25 years old) with the valid International Student Card ISIC

    3. Payment Possibilities

      The payment possibilities are like the rest of our services

    4. Prices

      The prices are valid until the 30th of December 2006. Price adjustments due to national and political, as well as hotel, hostels and transportation companies are possible.

    5. Cancellation of the salecontract

      With the cancellation of he travel contract, based on the laws of the political and national Ministries like: Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (MINCETUR), Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales (INRENA), Unidad Gestión de Machupicchu (UGM) they are the rules with the following fees (in %):

      • until 4 days before travel (NO-SHOW): 100%
      • from 29 to 5 days before travel: 75%
      • 30 days and closer before travel: No fees
      • non-appearance to the trip: 100%, the Ticket for the City of Machupicchu keep its validity till the indicated date. If this date is expired, there is no given back the payment and also no reclamation permitted.
    6. Important Note

      Due the given law with resolution N° 002-2003-UGM-CD written by the political and national Ministries: Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (MINCETUR), Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC), Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales (INRENA), Unidad de Gestión de Machupicchu (UGM) its acording, that daily maximally 500 visitors can go through the Inca Trails to Machupicchu.

  5. Every reservation must be filled out with the receipt of the desired service. A confirmation of the reservation is necessary. Confirmations must contain the following information:

    • full name of the passenger
    • number of passport
    • number of participants
    • nationality and desired language
    • name of the desired program (Example: Traditional Inka Trail 4 days/3 nights)
    • optional: Reservation of the hotel or Hostel (for the transportation service)
    • data of the flight: Name of the airline-company, flight number and arrival time (Example: TACA PERÚ, TA008,10.45 a.m.)
    • copy of the passport (and if you are an under 25 years old student: Copy of your Valid International Student Card ISIC) by E-Mail, fax or post-courier
  6. The travel agency "INKA'S TRAVEL SERVICES E.I.R.L." and/or the responsible companies for transportations and other activities of the desired services are only responsible for the execution of the travel, not for accidents, diseases or other problems (Example: strikes, flight, bus- or boat delays, hotel and Hostel enterprises).

Payment Forms

We accept only the following payment forms:

In Euro and/or U.S. Dollar:

Identity-Card DNI. 23962640
City of receiving: Cusco Perú (Sudamérica)

Only in U.S. Dollar:

Banking transfer to:
Bank name: Banco Internacional del Perú (INTERBANK)
Sucursal number: 420 Cusco/Perú
Bank address: Av. El Sol 380
SWIFT Code INTERBANK: BINPPEPL N° of 420-300464891-4
Identity-Card DNI. 23921948
Kind of account: U.S. Dollar

IMPORTANT: For all bank transfers, you must pay BY YOURSELF 14.00 U.S. Dollars for transference fees.


All services of the travel agency "INKA'S TRAVEL SERVICES E.I.R.L." are subject of tributary fees according the governmental laws.

  1. Consider please: If you made the reservation, there is the possibility to cancel it, with the following financial rules:
    • Until 30 days in advance: No fees
    • 24 hours before travel: 100% of the prepaid amount (NO-SHOW)
    • No-appearance during the travel: 100% of the pre-paid amount NO-SHOW)
  2. The travel enterprise "INKA'S TRAVEL SERVICES E.I.R.L." has the possibility to cancel the travel until 24 hours before the start to them, without the right to reclamation and money-back order, if the reasons are:
    • Political or social instability in the zone of the trip
    • If the payment is not into the indicated period
    • Climatic instability in the zone of the trip
    • Natural catastrophes in the zone of the trip
    • If the participant has drug- or alcohol effects
    • If the participant has an uncertain health condition
    • National and/or political decisions
    • Cancellation of the flight and/or bus-, train-, boat transport
    • Restrictions of the passenger
  3. Our trips and services are NOT RECOMMENDABLE for the following Kind of persons:
    • With cardiac and/or Asthma troubles
    • Alcohol and/or drug-addicted
    • Before a chirurgical operation
  4. For cancellations of the trips during the LOW SEASON (May until October): If the Annullation is until 30 days before arrival of the participants, we refund 50% of the prepaid amount. If the annullation is within 30 days before arrival of the participants, there is NO MONEY REFUND (NO-SHOW). In the case of the no- appearance and/or annullation during the trip, there is NO MONEY REFUND
  5. All annulations and cancelling of the contract, have additional to be paid by the passenger a percentage of 15% over the amount, for administrative costs and others. All costs go at charge of the passenger
  6. All annulations and/or cancelling of the contract must be detailed justified by letter (writing)
  7. Important note: The travel agency "INKA'S TRAVEL SERVICES E.I.R.L." is in all rights, to change the routes and trips because of weather or climatically troubles, water-stand of River/Lake/Sea, later airline, bus-, train and boat transporting times. This is for the guarantee of the passenger
  8. Important note: Before beginning the trip EACH PARTICIPANT is OBLIGATED to fill out a form that any kind of responsibility of the travel enterprise for accidents and physical problems becomes during the trips will be EXCLUDED. We make on it attentively that the participants are obligated to follow each instruction gave for the Tour-Guide
  9. Recommendations: For all trips in jungle/rainforest or subtropical regions (Manú, Tambopata, Iquitos, etc..) and walks (Bicycle trip to Abra Málaga-Machupicchu, Salkantay Machupicchu and Choquequirao-Machupicchu) is it VERY IMPORTANT that the participant has the necessary VACUNATIONS (against Yellow-Fever, Tetanus and Malaria). Also we recommend to the passenger to should bring mosquito protective cream with itself. Also clothing like: Long trousers and shirts as well as water purification pills (2 pills per 1 Liter of water)